If you have one or more missing teeth, a dental bridge may be the perfect solution for you! Bridges are beautiful, natural-looking appliances that can fill the gap left by a missing tooth and restore the integrity of your remaining teeth. At Semans Family Dentistry, we can use dental bridges to strengthen your bite, prevent your natural teeth from shifting, and improve the appearance of your smile.

What is a Dental Bridge?

A dental bridge is an appliance we use to fill in the space of a missing tooth. We can use this procedure to replace one, two, or three teeth in a row. A traditional bridge is made of three parts – a false tooth and two anchor crowns. The false tooth is typically made from a porcelain or ceramic crown. The prosthetic hangs above the space left by a missing tooth and generally does not have an artificial root structure. For stability, the replacement crown needs to be supported by two anchor crowns. These anchors are fixed to the natural teeth on either side of the gap.

What is the Procedure?

To begin, Dr. Semans will conduct a consultation and thorough examination of your mouth. Dental bridges are ideal for replacing one to three teeth in a row. If you have many missing teeth, Dr. Semans may recommend dentures or implants instead.

After your examination, Dr. Semans will take detailed images of your teeth and send this information to a professional dental lab. Here, skilled technicians will design and craft your custom dental crowns. This process may take anywhere from two to four weeks. Once your crowns have arrived back at our office, it will be time for your second appointment.

During your next appointment, Dr. Semans will begin the procedure by applying a local anesthetic to your mouth. This will ensure you do not feel any discomfort while your bridge is being installed. Next, he will prepare the two anchor teeth to receive their crowns. Once they are ready, Dr. Semans will permanently bond the crowns to your teeth and install the prosthetic tooth. After making some final adjustments, your smile will look as good as new!

Why Do I Need a Dental Bridge?

Missing teeth can lead to a variety of oral health problems. Over time, your natural teeth on either side of the gap can shift and fall into the space. This change can significantly affect your bite, your speech, and your smile’s appearance. Because of this, it is incredibly important to replace missing teeth as soon as possible.

A dental bridge is an excellent way to restore your smile and keep your teeth healthy. Dental bridges can:

  • Restore your smile’s appearance
  • Improve and preserve your oral health and hygiene
  • Make chewing and speaking easier
  • Prevent surrounding teeth from shifting

Bridges are durable, reliable, and look and feel just like natural teeth. We take great care in matching the shape and color of your new crowns to your original teeth. By doing this, we can guarantee you will have the most natural restoration possible!

To learn more about dental bridges, please call our office at (330) 867-4461, send us an email, or schedule an appointment online. Together, we can determine if dental bridges are the right treatment for you.